Modular Flat Pack Furniture

Welcome to the future of furniture design. Modular flat pack furniture is designed with you in mind. If you’re on-the-go, going to college, need to set up shop or furnish a dwelling fast, modular flat pack furniture is the knockdown furniture you’ve been waiting for.

Easy to Assemble Modular Flat Pack Furniture

Modular flat pack furniture is easy to assemble without complicated tools or directions. All modular flat pack components are designed to be interchangeable, leading to unlimited modular furniture options. For instance your modular flat pack captain’s bed could easily be reconfigured to be a fully functional office desk workstation with file cabinets.

Easy to Knock Down Modular Flat Pack Furniture

Your modular flat pack components disassemble just as quickly as they are assembled without the risk of damaging the connectors or individual modular pieces. Unlike other flat pack furniture requiring disposal of the old flat pack and replacement with new flat pack furniture. Your modular flat pack furniture is designed to be assembled and disassembled over and over again with =out compromising the structural integrity or connectors.

Lightweight Modular Flat Pack Furniture

Modular flat pack furniture is as little as ten percent the weight of solid wood (or particle board) flat pack furniture. Modular flat pack furniture is lightweight for easy transport and/or storage. One person can easily handle all the modular components with little effort while saving energy (both fossil fuel and manpower) in the construction, knock down, transport and/or handling of the individual flat pack components. While other flat pack furniture might be lightweight, your modular flat pack components are manufactured in the USA and made to last for generations.

High Strength Modular Flat Pack Furniture

Built of the patented lightest weight and strongest Eco-friendly building material in the world, your modular flat pack furniture will last virtually forever and professional grade modular flat pack furniture can be guaranteed for 50 years not to warp or fail structurally. In fact, this unique patented inner structure material is stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound (compared to other lightweight honeycomb materials used in imports that range from 10 to 100 PSI).

Easy to Ship Modular Flat Pack Furniture

Due to the lightweight and portable modular flat pack components, you can easily flat pack for transport or storage between locations. This is why students in upper education like modular flat pack furniture because it can follow you to school, back home, from apartment to office allowing reconfiguring and repurposing along the way. These lightweight modular flat pack furniture components can be placed the back seat of your car, in your luggage, or shipped via air or ground transport inexpensively.

Modular Flat Pack Furniture